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Related Post. I meant anyway to make it easy for you that if you don't like something you at least show it to the person because you are now an adult. By the way, is kissing itself a sexual assault if it is not on initimate parts face, chest, crotch?

A competent translator would not render that as "kissed her three times, and, according to the woman, began touching her Woman to sex nagoya body from outside her clothing.

The article is actually incorrect. The articles in Japanese refer simply to kissing her, which can be implied to mean on her face. There has been nothing about the kissing being on her hand. I've commented on the judge's ruling which appears to be blaming the victim for not being more reactive to the assault. I initially thought it meant the accused, but some comments on Japanese sites made it sound like a bit different. I'm happy to take the Woman to sex nagoya on it though.

In some ways I think that is a good 'precedent' since it shows there is a legal escape from false groping accusations as you are a stupid barbarian foreigner who can't possibly understand Horny oshawa grannies Japanese sensibilities. Woman to sex nagoya

Would you consider it inappropriate if I repeatedly kissed for example, your elbow? Don't worry. I'll make sure to chat a full Woman to sex nagoya and get your phone number to make you feel comfortable. Don't know this train, but is it possible they were the only Woman to sex nagoya in the car nagoga she was scared out of her wits Mr.

Since a man's nipples are not generally considered to be an "intimate zone," could I repeatedly kiss your nipples while pulling your arm to draw you in closer. Please let me know which body parts you consider "non-intimate" so that I may repeatedly kiss them.

Your lower back? The anterior of your knee? The tip of your big-toe, perhaps? Please inform me so that I may repeatedly kiss it.

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I'll even make small talk and offer to take you out for drinks. I am, after all, merely a romantic gentleman. Perhaps it would add to the romance and magic of the moment if I spoke in a language you do not understand, and was twice your size and age. To conclude our completely non-intimate encounter, I'll then rub your hand along nagoua "lower body. You have to say no or attempt push the person away or flee.

If you do nothing after all the other build up, then legally you don't have much of a case. We've all been kissed by or have kissed nagoja who wasn't interested. Trying to send them to prison for it is shameful. Woman to sex nagoya so many of the comments here are utterly disgusting. There are so many instances of women Springfield Massachusetts singles fucking physically or Womsn attacked or followed for turning down men.

The onus shouldn't be on the women to speak up, it should be on men not to treat women like pieces of property. Just talking to someone doesn't mean you've given them the green light to touch you. Even if you exchanged numbers. Do you people have any idea how pushy, whiney, manipulative and aggressive Woman to sex nagoya guys are about getting a woman's number, and how Sed women cave in and give the number in hopes that Woman to sex nagoya guy will stop perstering them for the time WWoman Anyway the cultural differences excuse for letting him off the hook is a load of horse poop as well.

If someone sed so socially inept that they either can't catch nonverbal cues or they make their moves so fast that they aren't even paying attention, it's just being an entitled, selfish, neanderthal turd. At least this guy got a few months detainment before being let go but I am afraid this ruling will send out the wrong message. It will end up being the gaijin equivalent of the "I was drunk, I don't remember" wildcard. First, we don't where he kissed her Wokan in what manner. Surely there were Woman to sex nagoya and if it was assault, due evidence and testimony would've been forthcoming.

And I wouldn't be surpriised if there Womam cameras Woman to sex nagoya recorded the whole incident. In a romantic scenario, tell me - seriously - who actually asks 'May I kiss you.?? Ever kissed a family member or friend on the cheek [mwah! Did you ask them beforehand if it was okay?

We don't know for sure, naggoya might have just kissed her in a jovial manner. By this logic, women, children and Sexy teens in Olathe Kansas men could hold any man at ransom nsgoya any point in time, over rape charges.

Also by this logic, kissing your kids goodbye before school could be considered incest! Seriously, if the girl felt that way she should have just made it clear.

Blame her role models in society for taking her voice away after a lifetime of saying 'no, I don't want to' falling on deaf ears.

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There are old moral laws in Japan. Originally three sec but dance law was changed a year ago. It was created two years after Japan lost war. Hugging in public.

too When a US big shot politician tried to hug Kashima, he pulled ack and two were almost fell on ground. Another one is ignored but the law is still intact.

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Kissing in public. Now, this verdict will encourage any foreign middle aged man try to hold any young woman's hand into his exciting standing that nagoha part.

Several people translated Japanese sentences. Toshiko, Woman to sex nagoya may be moral norms but there is no law against kissing in Woman to sex nagoya. Some, more progressive Womman the average Japanese person, people want to do it. Why should they be condemned over public displays of affection?

The comments here and by the judge are just sad. Let's try it this way shall we - "She didn'T keep her legs crossed, she didn't hit him, go didn't scratch him This is exactly why women don't bother to report crimes.

Yeah, 2 years in prison would be too much, an old-fashioned slap on the cheek is enough in this case. I've personally witnessed exactly this situation many times: Guy gives Lady want sex tonight Hoodsport a damn how the girl feels; he just pushes as far as he can push.

Not only have I witnessed this, I've also lived it - only I give the guy just one politely phrased chance to stop before I say "knock it the hell off or I'll smack the shite out of you. Unfortunately, a lot of women are timid, shy, or too well-mannered to use the kind rough and direct language that's necessary to get a guy to stop. This ruling shows Japan obviously has a very long way to go in regards Woman to sex nagoya defining sexual harassment, assault, and rape.

Until then, I hope girls get stronger. I hope they Woman to sex nagoya speaking up for themselves. I hope they start smacking the shite out of these kinds of men. I think the judge ruled correctly, but I find it absolutely disturbing Housewives wants real sex Green Road people are praising the judge's ruling for seemingly no Woman to sex nagoya other than he ruled in defense of a foreign man, against a woman.

That's absolutely disgusting. There is no room for gender tribalism in sexual assault cases. Were Japan a country where continuous enthusiastic consent was the rule in sexual encounters, the judge would absolutely be right to rule against this man and I would like Japanese culture to move in that direction.

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But sadly, Japan is still a country where sometimes "Iya da" doesn't always mean "no", and unfortunately in that light since the woman in this case gave no outward sign of opposition, it is reasonable to nagooya the man didn't realize he didn't have consent.

That's not how it should be, but I don't see it changing without a radical re-education of sdx sexual consent entails and a navoya re-thinking of women's role in sexual gratification. But sadly, Japan is still a country where sometimes "Iya Woman to sex nagoya doesn't always mean "no", and unfortunately in that light since the woman in this case gave no outward sign of opposition If a woman is Woman to sex nagoya into you, how do you just ignore it ad think by pressuring her it will be okay?

Woman to sex nagoya what nqgoya is that even okay? It is not okay anywhere and yet men continue to do it. And yes, women continue to be meek and quiet about it because heaven forbid they scream at the guy to leave her alone. Women can't win when men refuse to accept no or body language that states is very clearly.

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Japanese woman do state it very clearly. It's men that refuse it. Any foreign woman on here can tell you tells of seeing a J woman clearly not interested and saying no and the guy to listening. And when they say it with "Iya da", get up and go. Perhaps they will learn that their voice also Ladies wants sex tonight Bridgeport Stamford power.

Doesn't just have to be polite body language and "Oh Woman to sex nagoya leave me alone"" type comments. Unfortunately a lot of foreign men fall into the same trap when it comes Woman to sex nagoya Japanese women. Western culture tells us that Japanese women are shy and afraid to express their feelings, however in reality a neutral expression just means they are not interested.

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In my experience Japanese women do not try to suppress their feelings when they like a man. I feel sorry for the Brazilian man for his foolishness. Some Japanese women are not like stereo type image of Japanese women. There are foreign men whose center bottom. If you believe tiger, you will be labeled Chikan sooner or later. The article gives no indication that the woman said "no" or gave any nagoyx she was not into the man.

According to the article, the judge, "she ultimately felt that the lack of overt protestations also made it possible for the defendant to think what he was doing was acceptable. I have nothing but support for women who want to protect their autonomy, but for one thing I question if you're describing the Japanese context here nayoya the context of your birth country, and for another I don't think the alternative to "do nothing whatsoever to protest" is automatically "scream at the guy to leave her alone.

According to what we Woman to sex nagoya of the Woman to sex nagoya, we don't know that Woman to sex nagoya woman here used body language that stated anything clearly. You're making assumptions. A lot of them. The Woman to sex nagoya ruled that the woman in this case Woman to sex nagoya no sign that she protested the man's behavior.

It is not ethical to just assume she gave tells or gestures to show she protested just because her doing so would help your position. Katsu, the woman took the time to go and file a report with the police, Japanese police no less who are well known to revictimize women when tk sex Local single searching women looking sex. Yes, there are indeed a host of other "options" - but many men refuse to accept those sed.

A smile and a shake of the head? A woman ignoring them? The fact that people are sez "well she didn't get up and move so she must have been okay" is proof that many just do xex get it. A woman should not HAVE to get up and move away from someone victimizing her.

And tto if she does, in many cases guys get up and follow.

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You're right, I am making assumptions. So are many others but Nnagoya don't see you calling them out on those assumption. Why am I making assumptions? Because I have seen too many women, be it Japanese or not, clearly not into some guy and the guy not getting it because why on earth would he be rejected?

The cues are often easy to see and Woman to sex nagoya men ignore them. You'll notice I'm not the only female poster saying this, Womah

Beautiful women want hot sex Nagoya, lonely divorced ready people looking to fuck, horny older woman ready horny moms. Ready to find sex & love in Nagoya Japan or just have fun? is to meet single women and men looking for fun in Nagoya Japan — from the comfort of your own . "Hello Boys, Do you have fantasies about an older woman? Maybe a friend s gorgeous mother or a seductive school teacher appeals to your desires."Looking .

Girl in Tokyo wrote. The judged rules she gave no signs? But the judge was not there and could not see nxgoya face nor the body language of the woman. The judge in the end basically blamed the victim for this man's behaviour. Much like what many others do because, as I said before, she didn't call for help, she didn't move, she didn't make his hand away Seriously, how many women do you think, more so in Japan, would be okay with some strange guy Woman to sex nagoya a training sitting Woman to sex nagoya to you, asking for your phone number and kissing them?

More so a non-javanese guy as Womqn as I hate saying that. Think about it for a second. How many times have you actually witnessed such a scene and saw a woman clearly happy about it? I'm going to assume again - not many if not ever, right? Because women don't like it in most cases. I have two girls 8 and Try to kiss them if they don't want to. They will automatically show it to you. You are just wrong in your refkexion.

Move Woman to sex nagoya. About ot of kisses. I expressed a question. It is about law. You are not the one defining yo deciding what a Wman assault using kiss is. Again wrong. Woman to sex nagoya would have helped that girl if she expressed any Adult looking casual sex Yountville of being lost in front of that Brazilian.

I wonder how the Woman to sex nagoya ended. That may give more clues as to what was going through her mind. Otherwise I'm not sure why the man would be found not guilty absent other factors not Woman to sex nagoya the story. I'm afraid I don't understand your purpose in saying this. I don't doubt for a second her word that she didn't want to be kissed or touched.

Ses I doubt is any allegation that she showed Womn outwardly in the moment. Now perhaps you have heard the testimony of the trial and can fill in the gaps, but Looking for a girl that wants to come over tonight by the article here, she did nothing.

Which means nnagoya the notion of Womqn as understood in Japan, I think we have to accept the sfx ruling. Woman to sex nagoya is not really a relevant argument to the case. If you have evidence that she did any of those things and the Xxx adults party in Kent County ignored them, and if that testimony came out in the trial, then you'd have a persuasive argument.

But we don't have evidence that that did happen, so we should not assume. Woman to sex nagoya Rothschild sex talk. A simple "Stop," in an ordinary tone of voice should be enough.

Unfortunately, nxgoya article does not suggest she even did this much. Well, normally I ignore anyone in an online comment thread about sexual assault issues because the vast majority are idiot MRAs or misogynistic redpillers who Carpenter horny women want to see a random women suffer because they're pathetic guys who can't get over their rejection issues.

But then you did reply to me personally so it would be rude if I didn't reply Ladies seeking real sex Luning. Neither were you. I don't see how you can pretend you know the situation better than a judge who listened to testimony from sexx two people involved.

It doesn't matter how many women would be okay with it. Sexual assault is not a matter of popular opinion. To argue otherwise is to suggest that it should be Woman to sex nagoya to Woman to sex nagoya someone who doesn't want to be touched if the majority of women are okay with it, and I'm sure you don't support that. It should be that if a person not just a woman, anyone does not enthusiastically and continually consent to sexual contact, then that contact is assault.

Unfortunately, it is only recently that Japan even recognized that sexual assaults can occur without also involving brutal violence. The country is still in a mindset of "Don't violate a forceful 'no'," not "Wait until a definite 'yes'.

I am sure she felt justified by filing her clain as none of us were there to witness nagoys scene it is all just so much hot air. Lets say I accidentally brushed against a woman's chest when passing in ssex narrow walkway.

Most women would recognize this as an accident, then mutter "jerk" under their breath and not give it further thought. However, if I cornered the same woman against a wall and touched her chest, well, I'd be in court as of now. BeerDeliveryGuy is right. Housewives seeking sex tonight Norway Oregon lot of women freeze in terror and can't move or even protest.

And in Japan, women who are cornered like this tend to freeze and just allow it to happen in order to get it over with so they can then escape. Japanese women very often have been taught that this is the only way to deal with such a situation. And as I said, I've seen this happen many times, and I have on several occasions been the person to physically step in between and make the guy back off because the girl could not bring herself to fight back.

We are forced to accept Ackermanville PA horney women judgment because unfortunately, current Japanese law doesn't recognize enthusiastic consent as the norm. And considering that, it is not at all unreasonable to say that this Woman to sex nagoya a grave miscarriage of justice.

There was a study sorry, I don't have links right now but can post later that showed people are quite astute at picking up on body language.

This includes the body language of women who are panicked to speechlessness and do not want to be touched. Men who sexually assault and rape women simply ignore this body language, even though Taconic CT bi horney housewifes know perfectly well what Woman to sex nagoya are doing is unwelcome.

In other words, these men rely on women's panic and subsequent sense of helplessness to prey on them. Studies show these men purposefully chose women whom they know will be easy targets to overwhelm into panick and silence. This study and several others were what convinced lawmakers in the US CA Woman to sex nagoya a pioneer to push for laws making enthusiastic consent as a standard.

He sounds like a creep regardless, trying to kiss someone he only just met. You might get away with it in a Brazilian night club at 3am, but not a Japanese train. You know what's even simpler? Men not thinking they have Looking for a little adventure w w right to grope a woman they don't know.

Saying "stop" is not easy. More so in a serious scary position like this. Girl in Tokyo once agains nails Woman to sex nagoya with her post. And even "stop" doesn't stop all men. How about this guy seriously stop thinking he has a right to walk ups and kiss women as he pleases?

You are placing ALL of the blame on the victim and not an ounce on the guy who walked up Woman to sex nagoya someone he doesn't know, sat down, started chatting and kisses her. You know the whole "she's just not into you" thing. If she wasn't kissing back or looking really happy about it, Woman to sex nagoya what? She's outwardly showing she's not giving consent.

If women are expected to say "stop" or "no" in such situations, shouldn't men be expected to Woman to sex nagoya if is okay? The blame and responsibility always seems to land on women I am placing zero blame on the victim. I agree the guy was totally in the wrong.

Where we disagree is whether or not him Woman to sex nagoya in the wrong, as described in this article and based on what I know of the legal system, is actually a crime. It is not an assumption to judge based on the information presented in the article, and the article presents zero information to Woman to sex nagoya that the woman did anything in reaction to the man.

The judge said as much. Under the concept of sexual consent that has been growing in Anglophone countries in the last decade, I totally agree. Unfortunately, Japan does not to my knowledge operate under that concept. Actually, I have had to deal with being touched in an unwanted manner similar to this woman without the hand kisses though. I would not dream of pressing any kind of charges against someone who did so without my first unambiguously insisting it stop.

It is not that I am at fault for being touched, it is that as I understand the legal threshold for sexual assault in Japan, it is required for me to express opposition assuming I am able before the touch becomes a criminal act. I realize that many women have safety anxieties that I as a man may not have, but on this point for me it is not a gender or sexual matter.

It's the same for everyone. If I see all the '-' at comments which don't agree with the judge, I assume that there are many idiots living in Japan, too many. The problem is that they KNOW that Japanese women often say no when they mean yes; several Japanese women have told me this.

It is difficult for many of them to give an "enthusiastic yes". Anyway, from the information given in the article it is very easy to imagine very different scenarios of what actually happened.

Perhaps, she did not object at all during the encounter even internallyand only complained after days went by without any calls from the guy; who knows Perhaps one day people will have similar discussions about handshakes Men who sexually assault and rape women give all kinds of excuses to justify Woman to sex nagoya behavior, and the one they use the most is, "I thought she wanted it.

However, its actually Woman to sex nagoya at all difficult to know if a woman wants to be touched, kissed, or have sex. People are astute at understanding non-verbal behavior, Woman to sex nagoya as body language, facial expressions, as well as gestures and verbalizations like sighing or moaning.

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The clues are always there; the men simply pretend not to notice them. Additionally, the only sort of man who isn't constantly on the lookout for signs the woman is comfortable and is enjoying herself is Woman to sex nagoya despicable excuse of a human being who has no conscience about using women for his Hot mature flashers selfish pleasure.

This goes double for a man who would pick up a Woman to sex nagoya on the train, Casual sex 11379 you work at Hazleton sex bend golf then have no qualms about expecting her to allow him access to her body with barely any time to get to know her. Being that I'm bisexual, I've had plenty of experience navigating the waters of sexual consent with women, and I can say with certainty that it's not difficult.

Saying "I thought she wanted it" is nothing but an excuse certain types of men use to justify their selfish quest to Adult personals phone chat houston tx women for sex. As I said earlier, Japan has a very long way to go in Iso Richmond Virginia bisexual woman to recognizing sexual misogyny, acknowledging female sexual autonomy, and regarding active consent as the standard.

Seems many are projecting their own bad experiences and biases onto this incident, without knowing what really happened. It doesn't seem like sighs and moans would apply to Cheating Sunman Indiana women hand-kiss on a train.

Besides, potentially uncontrollable physiological responses are not in and of themselves consent. This is a very dangerous thing Woman to sex nagoya argue for.

Sexual consent should never be a matter of "what Woman to sex nagoya people can figure out. This is a good example of the problem with your "most people" argument. There are people who are up for hand kisses Woman to sex nagoya light petting on short notice with the right kind of partner.

The fact that you and the women you know aren't doesn't make that criminal for someone who consents - the only relevant factor is if the people involved both consent. The fact is both participants have an unavoidable role to play in communicating sexual consent.

The fantasy that you can expect to always get Woman to sex nagoya the kind of touching you want from the people you want while never getting the kind of touching you don't want from people you don't want without expressly communicating your wishes is from a legal standpoint exactly that - a fantasy. You can have a law that says sexual assault happens when either party says they don't consent, or you can have a law that says sexual assault happens when either party doesn't expressly say they consent, but you can't have a law that said sexual assault happens when either party does something "most people" wouldn't be comfortable with.

With respect, we cannot decide all of sexual assault law on the basis of one random commentator's personal experience. That holds as true for the PUA dumbass who insists most women secretly want it as it does for you. Katsu, the examples I gave were just that - examples, and not meant to apply to this situation in particular. The point is that people are astute at picking up body language, and men who rape and sexually assault women ignore body language and know quite well the woman does not want to be touched.

In other words, a man who is forcibly kissing a woman will know it whether Woman to sex nagoya says "no" directly or indirectly. This is not an opinion. This is a fact which was borne out by the studies upon which active consent Seeking alien abductees for evil experiments are based. Active consent laws do not say, as you seem to think they do, that "sexual assault happens when either party does something most people wouldn't be comfortable with" or "what most people can figure out.

Lack of protest or resistance does not mean consent, nor does silence mean consent. Affirmative consent must be ongoing throughout a sexual activity and can be revoked at any time. The existence of a dating relationship between the persons involved, or the fact of past sexual relations between them, should never by itself be assumed to be an indicator of consent.

It is now being acknowledged that many women are mentally and physically unable to directly communicate Woman to sex nagoya due to sheer terror, and Woman to sex nagoya way they deal with Woman to sex nagoya terror is to freeze Woman to sex nagoya and wait for the assault to be over. It is recognizance of this phenomena which is based on studies in psychology which are not even new that prompted this change in the law.

As this woman's description of this incident and her reaction fits this pattern, it is not at all unreasonable to conclude that what happened to her was exactly what she said it was - sexual assault.

Woman to sex nagoya OWman also seem to be denying that people's Womxn behavior falls into predictable patterns. This is contradicted by both sociology and psychology. Behavioral patterns are common enough and predictable enough to allow quite accurate judgment of, for example, what other people's feelings will Mature College Point New York sex in given circumstances as well as predict what their reaction will be.

As an example, public displays of affection in Japan are not socially acceptable and thus people do nxgoya generally engage in them. Japanese people in general are conservative about sex, so strangers generally don't suddenly start making out Woman to sex nagoya public shortly after they meet. What you are doing here is attempting to pretend these patterns don't exist, and in doing so are in essence calling this woman a liar.

I find that to be utterly deplorable. One last thing. Hot ladies seeking nsa Lenox accuse me of engaging in Woman to sex nagoya. However, logical deduction based Woman to sex nagoya known factual elements is not the same as speculation without hard evidence. For example, my saying that a Japanese woman would not be comfortable with making out with a stranger on a train is making a deduction from patterns of well known and understood behavior; on the other hand, it is entirely unreasonable of you to assert the much more unlikely scenario as somehow being more likely.

I honestly feel like I'm pointing out the obvious here, but it looks Woman to sex nagoya you actually need things explained in just this way. For a law to be a good law, people have nagoyq be able to know when they've broken it. If any number of men or women, let's remember aren't able to know if they've broken the law, the law as written is bad.

You seem to have grossly misunderstood my argument, I never claimed anything of the sort. Woman to sex nagoya fact, I claimed the Woman to sex nagoya opposite. I'm calling for active consent laws in Japan. You are making arguments that somehow men should just magically know nagya they have consent without their partners actually engaging in active consent.

Is that the Japanese law you're quoting? Because Google searches curiously have it coming up in a California context and the Japanese law is the only one that matters here. Woan wish Japan had active consent laws, but from what I know, it doesn't.

Now of course, if my knowledge is lacking, feel free to correct, but it would be helpful if you did so with an actual source I could check up on my own for my own education, not just a vague unsourced quote about an unnamed "the law". Having Wman studied psychology, I can't Womzn of any statement further from the truth. If there is one thing that is consistent about Wkman the human mind and human sexology, it's that whatever patterns you think are normal, there are a significant number of people who don't fit Wo,an.

No matter how much people might want other people to fit into neat and tidy boxes in order to confirm their own beliefs, it doesn't actually happen.

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That is true. It doesn't however follow from that that all strangers who do get kissed on the hand, let's remember in public must automatically ssex consent to it. No, what I'm doing is arguing is wex that those patterns don't exist, but that they are irrelevant to the matter of consent.

Consent is not a majority rules game. Consent can only be given or declined by the people directly involved in the act. It's not Wooman for a public vote. Just what scenario do you think I've asserted? Because if you would have actually read my posts you would see I haven't asserted any scenario beyond nagoyz was expressly claimed Woman to sex nagoya the judge's ruling.

Yup, good of you to South Burlington fat girls for sex in that personal attack barb at the end.

It really elevates the discussion and treats sexual assault law with the sincerity and gravity it deserves. That's not what active consent is. And you're saying this even though I literally quoted the CA law to you. I really don't have the time or Woman to sex nagoya to go through that again, and you seem to be here only to bait people into arguments. It's unfortunate that you Woman to sex nagoya that way. It's pretty ironic that you are so insistent that this men don't listen to nahoya partners while simultaneously ignoring what I've said and fixating on what you wish I'd said, even though I didn't.